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Access to report folder

I have a report folder created, clicked on the share option and provided access to 7 people. 1 has manager access and 6 has edit access. This report folder is accessible by the people who is not in the list. i would like to provide access only to the people in the list.

Kindly help!!

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

To grant specific Users access to a folder that contains reports you can use below solution.

Create a new public group with the specific users who need access.  Include yourself in that list of users.
Go to the Reports Tab
Click the new folder icon and create a new Report Folder
The Report folder needs the "This folder is accessible only by the following users" permission
Add the public group from Step 1 to the "Shared To" column
Add any existing reports, to which you would like to grant access, to that folder.

And also refer below link to get more information.

Hope this helps you!

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