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Soo Kim 16Soo Kim 16 

How to post to Slack channel "Sales Wins" when an Opportunity Stage is Closed Won?

When an opportunity stage is Closed Won, an email is sent to desingated people using the workflow notification.
Now we like to build one step further.
Our company use Slack to communicate internally.
We would like to post win alerts on slack  "Sales Wins" channel when an opportunity stage is "Closed Won."

Where do I get the ID to add the slack channel ti send win alert?
Cal Hamilton 1Cal Hamilton 1
I know it's almost a year later, but I was just asking the same question and came across this awesome how-to article. Mad props to Christophe Coenraets for sharing his method.

Tony RuthTony Ruth
The post from Chris is awesome, and helped me get started. About a week later my team requested that I include month to date, quarter to date, and year to date metrics in addition to the latest deal that was closed.

I expanded on his foundation to include those extra details in this article I put together. Being a Salesforce noob myself, I tried to walk through it in a bit more detail.


Hope it helps!