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vivek kasiviswanathanvivek kasiviswanathan 

Informatica Salesforce Integration fails with Connection timed out error SFDC_31133

Salesforce to Informatica all of a sudden started failing this past week with this below error. Informatica is connecting to salesforce using SOAP API V27.0.SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [Connection timed out.]. How can I get rid of this?   Thanks
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vivek,

API v27.0 is still a supported API version (in fact, ALL API versions are still supported which is pretty amazing!).   

Since this just started happening, I would look into changes in your network or Informatica configuration. Check firewalls, proxies, IP whitelists.  

The fact that you are getting a 'timed out' instead of an 'invalid login' tells me the request isn't making it to the Salesforce servers (or your network configuration is blocking the response from those servers).  To determine which, log into salesforce and look a the 'login history' at the bottom of the User detail page (Setup > Manage Users > Users, select the User Name) and see if the attempted login has been recorded. 

Note:Upgrading will not fix connectivity issues, however, v27 is a while ago and when you upgrade to a newer API version you get access to the newly supported objects, fields, and methods in that version.  So, if you upgraded to v38.0 (the latest), you would be able to integrate/access all the objects and fields that have been added to the salesforce data model since v27.

You could try connecting from Info. with a different user in case the SF user has some IP or time restrictions.

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Best Regards,

vivek kasiviswanathanvivek kasiviswanathan
The problem solved on its own! On the 6th day Informatica Job ran successfully. What we did do was to change the the Informatica Job(5 jobs) times to excute in varied intervals without overlapping so that it does not create a database contention.At one point we also noticed a drop in packets between informatica and the proxy. But, on the 6th day. everything worked good. Don't know really if the network got any better or if the change in informatica time fixed the problem.