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prasanth kumarprasanth kumar 

rest api Json format throwing error


   I am just passing the name of the newly inserting account name to method and this method will create a new record in destination salesforce org(another salesforce org). But it is throwing error message.  Please help.

Error is:  Malformed JSON: Expected '{' at the beginning of object

**source ORG code:-**



     trigger SendAccount on Account(after insert)
    for(Account a :{
       SendAccountFromSource.createAccount(a.Name, a.Id);
    Apex class:- 
    public class SendAccountFromSource {
     private final String clientId = '3MVG9ZL0ppGP5UrCXwgNBMST50bhCIRR_E_t7gUGb2TLvmA5wQD3YWiAOBnjOr7x5x1L2MB8G4frfx.oZRkOh';
     private final String clientSecret = '8220657863400185678';
     private final String username = '';
     private final String password = 'dolly1234';
     public class deserializeResponse
      public String id;
      public String access_token;
    public String ReturnAccessToken (SendAccountFromSource acount)
      String reqbody = 'grant_type=password&client_id='+clientId+'&client_secret='+clientSecret+'&username='+username+'&password='+password;
      Http h = new Http();
      HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
      system.debug('The request body is: ' + reqbody);
      HttpResponse res = h.send(req);
      deserializeResponse resp1 = (deserializeResponse)JSON.deserialize(res.getbody(),deserializeResponse.class);
      system.debug('The resp1.access_token is : ' +resp1.access_token+' The status code is: '+res.getstatuscode() +'....' +res.getstatus());
      return resp1.access_token;
     public static void createAccount(String accName, String accId) 
      SendAccountFromSource acount = new SendAccountFromSource();
      String accessToken = acount.ReturnAccessToken (acount);
      if(accessToken != null)
      system.debug('inside the if statement :' );
       String endPoint = '';
       System.debug('Account anme of ='+accname);
       Http h2 = new Http();
       HttpRequest req1 = new HttpRequest();
       String rename=accName;
      string rajas = '"'+rename+'"';
       req1.setHeader('Authorization','Bearer ' + accessToken);
       req1.setBody('{"name" : rajas }');
       HttpResponse res1 = h2.send(req1);
       system.debug('The value of the res1 is :' +res1);
       deserializeResponse resp2 = (deserializeResponse)JSON.deserialize(res1.getbody(),deserializeResponse.class);
      system.debug('The value of resp2 :' +resp2);
       Account a = [SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Id = :accId];
       a.externalId__c =;
       update a;