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Hyperlink Formula + URL Hack

Is it possible to use a URL hack in a hyperlink formula? I am trying create a custome link that only certain profiles can see but I am running into syntax issues.
IF(CONTAINS($Profile.Name,"System Administrator"),
&opp3=New Sale
, "Create New Opp" )," ")

This can be done. there are some syntax error in above formula. use the formula in following way 

IF(CONTAINS($Profile.Name,"System Administrator"),
HYPERLINK("/006/e?=&accid="+Account.Id+"&RecordType=012a0000001ZSiy&ent=Opportunity&opp3=New Sale&opp11=New&opp9="+TEXT(MONTH(TODAY()+30))+"/" +TEXT(DAY(TODAY()+30))+"/" +TEXT(YEAR(TODAY()+30))+"&retURL="+Account.Id, "Create New Opp" ),
" ")

Also try not hardcode the RecordType Id and specify some returl.