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Kerstin KoehlerKerstin Koehler 

Beginner Coding


I am extrememly new to coding and am attempting to write a simple code to update a checkbox field to checked on the Promo Payment Request Record when there is an attachment added.

After searching and reading through other people's comments I found a code that would work for testing in my Sandbox environment. However now that I need to redo in Production, I have no clue where to start. See below for my code. I have downloaded Eclipse and installed the Force.com IDE, but am getting errors saying no synchronization, etc. Also receiving errors with the actual code when I try to write it in Eclipse.

Any help would be greatly apprecitated!!

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Janice HuJanice Hu
Hi! Have you tried just using field update and workflow rules instead? You could have a field update that the checkbox gets checked off, and it could be set off by a workflow rule of when an attachment is added?
Kerstin KoehlerKerstin Koehler
To start the Workflow you have to select an object and the 'Attachment' Object is not listed. Also if I were to select my custom object as the starting object, it is looking for a field to change, not if an attachement is added
Kerstin KoehlerKerstin Koehler
If you know how to make it fire when an attachment is added, I would love to know those steps!