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Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler 

compare date datetime

Hi @ all,
I want to compare a date field and a datetime field in the process manager. Is this possible?

There are a couple of ways you can do this.
  1. You can use the Conditions are met criteria
    1. Use the date field in the field column
    2. Use Type of formula
    3. Use the Fomula DATEVALUE(DateField)
  2. Use the Formula evaluates to true criteria
    1. Use the formula
DATEVALUE(DateTimeField) = DateField
These examples assume you are looking for a match, but you can use whichever comparator you require.

I would always suggest converted the datetime field to a date field rather than vice versa because a date field will convert to 0000 time and therefore would not represent accurately.

Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler
Yes I know, but in the datetime field is a clock time and at the date field not...but I have to need compare these fields. And the fields not math, if the time at the date field will set to "0000" time...
Sorry, I guess my answer wasn't clear...

You can convert the datetime field to a date field (without the clock) by using DATEVALUE(datetime field) in a formula. Then you should be able to compare the fields as you require.
Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler
Oh, I have not understand this ;)
Now it work without any problems, thank you very much.