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How to set Dynamic URL of Salesforce in Apex.

On clicking a custom Tab, user should be redirected to one of the custom settings. The code is as below:
I want to make the URL as dynamic sothat i need to change the URL(https://ABC-INT.cs18.my.salesforce.com/). Please suggest.
public with sharing class ActivitiesController {
    public PageReference redirect() {
        return new PageReference('https://ABC-INT.cs18.my.salesforce.com/setup/ui/listCustomSettingsData.apexp?com.salesforce.visualforce.ViewStateCSRF=VmpFPSxNakF4TmkweE1TMHdORlF3T1Rvd05Eb3pOQzR5TkROYSxFbVV1SDVydmdzTXJnXzNWNXFTdjZhLE56RTNPVGcz&com.salesforce.visualforce.ViewStateVersion=201610312000010466&CS_Defn_View%3ACS_View=CS_Defn_View%3ACS_View&CS_Defn_View%3ACS_View%3AtheDetailBlock%3AdetailButtons%3Amanage=Manage&id=a1V&retURL=%2Fsetup%2Fui%2FviewCustomSettings.apexp%3Fsetupid%3DCustomSettings%26id%3D01I11000000AdEY');
Sukesh Kumar 33Sukesh Kumar 33
Call the redirect on action of vf page and store the URL in a custom setting
Hi Sukesh,
I donot want to change the URL manually when deployment or migration happened as a post migration activity. I want,  based upon the dynamic change in URL  my code should also work fine.

Is there any such technique there? Appreciate your help. Thanks!
Hi Sukesh,
Do you have the sample code for this..please?
I am using the below one. It is not working

<apex:page action="{!URLFOR($Resource.myStsticResourceURL)}"/>