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Rob Waibel JrRob Waibel Jr 

New error Soap API Element {urn:enterprise.soap.sforce.com}city invalid at this location

Today, my application (Visual Studios 2012, vb.net, windows Application) started giving me this error:
Element {urn:enterprise.soap.sforce.com}city invalid at this location
I am attempting to update the Account sObject.  My initial query is:
SELECT Account_ID_Full_18_Digits__c,Aged_As_Of__c,Balance_Due__c,CreatedById,Credit_Limit__c,Credit_Message__c,Current_AS400__c,Date_First_Invoice__c,Date_Last_Invoice__c,Id,Invoiced_LYTD__c,Invoiced_LY__c,Invoiced_YTD__c,JDE_Number__c,Last_Paid_Amt__c,X1_30__c,X31_60__c,X61_90__c,X91_120__c,X120__c FROM Account WHERE ID= '{SalesFourceID}'
I am getting a record.  I update the fields as required then run update(New sForce.Account() {Acct}) it always returns the error.

Please Help!