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tarun jain 110tarun jain 110 

Facing issue in dashboard

Is there any plan for use group by property in the charts of dashboard.
In below image i can't able to use group by property please suggest me. How can i used this property provide some exapmle.
User-added image

As this property in disable how can i used this property.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Before grouping in the chart, you have to group the data in your report.

Assuming you are grouping your Opportunity Close Date, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Close Date field header and select "Group by this Field."  Then click on the Close Date drop down again and select "Group Dates by > Calendar Year."

When you add a chart, you'll now be able to select "Calendar Year" in the Group By picklist.

Hope this helps you!

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