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Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler 

Time based Workflow - Last Date (Object)

Hi at all,
I have 2 workflows.
here is the first:
User-added image

This is the second:
User-added image

The target is that a status is set after a few days to the account. This is because I need a time trigger on the second workflow. The status should be set if this is the "last order" from the account (~30 days).
But if the workflows start, he change the fields but at the end the time trigger is lost -> doesnt work.

I think it will be delete because he change the checkbox field to false and the criteria doesnt match...so the time trigger is not started...can someone help me to start the time trigger and to keep it?

Hi Lisa,

You are right about why the time trigger is lost, as the time trigger would be removed once the last order check box is set false, try moving the field update to uncheck the last order check box to the time trigger that way the tmie trigger would not be lost and woud get uncheked once the time trigger events have finished execution

Hope it helps :)