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Mark YohaiMark Yohai 

apex jobs holding

I'm not a developer, just an admin and can't seem to get salesforce support to answer a question about why apex jobs never leave the "holding" status in our org.  Since 11/6 - none of them have run.  Prior an hourly job was kicked off. It's the MailChimpToSalesforceBatch    that is an integration/sync job.  

The package from Mailchimp hasn't changed, only the behaviour. ( now we have to manually enter inbound leads acquired to our lists - where before everything was working fine.

Any suggestions? Salesforce standard support has rejected my requiests to look into why the job stays holding and is not released.


Found one article on Holding status, please go through this might answers your query:

Based on the Summer '14 Release Notes the holding status appears to be associated with the new Apex Flex Queue feature.
The Apex Flex Queue pilot enables you to submit batch jobs beyond the allowed limit of five queued or active jobs. Any jobs that are submitted for execution but aren’t processed immediately by the system are in holding status and are placed in a separate queue (the Apex flex queue). Up to 100 batch jobs can be in the holding status. When system resources become available, the system picks up jobs from the Apex flex queue and moves them to the batch job queue. The status of these moved jobs changes from Holding to Queued. Queued jobs get executed when the system is ready to process new jobs.
Without administrator intervention, jobs are processed first-in first-out—in the order in which they’re submitted. Administrators can modify the order of jobs that are held in the Apex flex queue to control when they get processed by the system. For example, you can move a batch job up to the first position in the holding queue so that it is the first job that gets processed when the system fetches the next held job from the flex queue.


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Mark YohaiMark Yohai
Thank you Gaurav. Yes - I'd see that and similar articles. There's only 1 job and it's been in the Flex queue, Holding, for days. It seems only SalesForce can inspect why it is not getting any resources, however they won't even answer support inquiries about why it's not getting resources.
Please esclate the case to Higher Priority. May be they will take this seriously
Mark YohaiMark Yohai
I submitted 2x and each closed because I'm not a developer. Because it has the word "APEX" in the subject? Or maybe the wrong category? It's really not a developer question, right?
Its not like that, ask you senior Admin person to escalate the case and take follow up
Renata Cruz 9Renata Cruz 9
Hi Mark,
I have the same problem, since 6 November my apex job stays in "Holding" status and takes 1 hour to run, and before 6 november the delay to run was 1 minute, 2 minutes.
Have you received any answer from Support Salesforce?
Mark YohaiMark Yohai
I was able to get SalesForce support to look at it after explaining it's an operational issue on their end, not a developer issue...then they resolved it as follows: We have identified the Issue and have deleted few Orphaned "ApexToken" jobs which were stuck in the queue because of a platform bug. *_______________________________________________________________________________* *Mark Yohai – **Exoprise Systems** - +1.781.209.5653 x 200, , *
Renata Cruz 9Renata Cruz 9
Great. Do you have the name of the analyst Salesforce that solves this for you? I will open a new case.
Ardavan Metghalchi 8Ardavan Metghalchi 8
We have the same problem. Case was closed but the problem is unresolved...