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Sunil Kumar MailavarapuSunil Kumar Mailavarapu 

Lightning Experience Specialist challenge 7

Hi All,

Could any one please help me with the process to solve the challenge 7- New Expedition Leader Case. in Lightning Experience specialist Super badge in Trail head.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Please refer below link there you have a discussion on step 7 and also the solution is shared.


 Hope this helps you!

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sai manojsai manoj
hello  i didnt find challange 7 which you provided link so please guide me #Sandhya
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Search for step 7 in below link you have the solution from Mr.sfdchacko.

You may also refer below link.


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Fahad Rahat 10Fahad Rahat 10
It is one of the simplest challenge. You just need to configure a custom 'Quick Action' on Fullfilment object. 
Hope the screenshot below makes it clear. 
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MPB SalesforceMPB Salesforce

Hello All if you have face or stuck in any step of challenge 6 so please watch this video series first , I hope you will get definitly your solution