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Deepak Sharma 184Deepak Sharma 184 

trigger - updating fields on unrelated objects and on different apps

Hi expert,

i have a scenerio, in which update the field on unrelated objects which are on different apps, 

Apps- Remedyforce and ITPM
Objects- Incident(Remedyforce) and ITPM(Work Request)

when the 'Incident type' picklist field is equals to 'project'  in 'Incident' object then it should create the 'work request' object record and update the below field and if there already work request has been created then no need to create.

Work Request Name = Request Definition (BMCServiceDesk__FKRequestDefinition__c)
Incident (Incident__c) = Incident (BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__c)
Date requested (Date_Requested__c) = system date
work request status (CloudbyzITPM__Work_Request_Status__c) value as “Draft”
Owner from Owner in Incident object

Anybody can help on this-