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sandip beherasandip behera 

How to migrate opportunity data with all its look up fileds from one salesforce org to another salesforce org using data loader

I want to migrate Opportunity data from One salesforce org to another salesforce org .
Both the salesforce org have existing data .
My requirement is  migrate all opportunity data  along with all lookup fields from one salesforce org to another.

Ravi Dutt SharmaRavi Dutt Sharma
You can use external id's to maintain various relationships. For example, say Opportunity has lookup to Account. So when you will be migrating Account first and then the Opportunity. While migrating Account, create a field on Account called External Id and mark it as External Id and unique. Store the record id of source org in this external id field. So now you have the Accounts from your source org loaded in target org with record ids of source org stored in External id field on target org. When you load opportunities now, choose Upsert operation instead of insert an map Account Id field with External Id instead of Id. You can follow the same process for all the other lookups present on Opportunity.