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Andrew GrayAndrew Gray 

Trailhead profile page

My Trailhead profile page says 2 completed but IF I got the the main trails page I can see Ive got 4 marked as complete? Am I misunderstanding  something?  
Andrew GrayAndrew Gray


My Profile saying 2 trails: 

User-added image

The trails page showing bottom 4 complete - 

User-added image


hi Andrew Gray
yes i think it's open issue, updated trailhead is not count Previously completd trails now if you completed any trails that add in count of trails on your profile
   i also completed 5 trails but it's only show 3 on count of trails because i complete 3 trails after the update trailhead.
i hope they update there system soon and count all completed trails :)
i hope it helps you mark it best answer if it helps you 
Andrew GrayAndrew Gray
Ok - thank you. 
Kyle NeithamerKyle Neithamer
Same here. Thinking it may have to do with some challengegs erroring out and completing with + 0 points. Says complete but isnt ticked of with a green mark on the badge's page.