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Matt SalgianMatt Salgian 

Create Sharing Rules - challenge issue = Could not find a contact named "Edna Frank" or there are multiple contacts with the name "Edna Frank". Ensure that there is only one contact named "Edna Frank" in your org.


Here is my issue, I am receiveing the following error...

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Could not find a contact named "Edna Frank" or there are multiple contacts with the name "Edna Frank". Ensure that there is only one contact named "Edna Frank" in your org."

But, I have only one User with the name Edna Frank.

However, this is what has happened...

1. Created a USER with the name Edna Frank
2. Realizing that in order to follow the challenge correctly, I was suppost to first create a CONTACT named 'Edna Frank', and seeing that I am not able to delete or remove the incorrectly created USER 'Edna Frank', I edited the USER 'Edna Frank' to a new name and user name, 'Porky Pig'.
3. Created a CONTACT 'Edna Frank' and proceeded with the CONTACT 'Edna Frank' properly turning her into a Customer Community User USER through the challenge.
4. Everthing else is set up correctly throug the challenge, and I click the [Check Challenge] button.

Receiving the error above.

Can anyone understand why the system sees two 'Edna Franks' whene there is only 1?

User-added image
User-added image

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Please consider below points.

1.Please check if you have connected to same DE org where you have done your work in the trailhead.To do this click on" launch your hands on org" and select the DE org or trailhead playground where you have your work and then check challenge.


Go to Trailhead Profile -- settings -- make the DE org which you have worked as default then check the challenge.

2.Check the spelling of the contact or username you created I would suggest you copy paste the names. 

The Trailhead was released with new updates. Please refer below link how to take challenges in trailhead.

Thanks and Regards
Ming MaMing Ma
Hi Sandhya,

I am having the same issue. I copied and pasted the names. I made sure that I connected to the right DE org.

I tried a brand new DE org and the same issue. 

Please help. 
Dom Joseph TablateDom Joseph Tablate
I am also experiencing the issue encountered above. Anyone, please help.
Don SenavitisDon Senavitis
I was having the same issue but when I went to contacts and changed the view to all contacts I saw that i did indeed have (2) Edna Franks so I renamed one and FINALLY completed challenge! I was having other issues but created a brand new developer account just for this challenge. I am very happy to be moving on....
Dom Joseph TablateDom Joseph Tablate
Thanks Don. You're suggestion is correct! I found a duplicate Edna Frank also after switching to "All Contacts". Renaming the duplicate did the trick. Thanks for your suggestion.
mounika gaggaramounika gaggara

I also have the same issue, I have checked all contacts and there is only one Edna Frank can anyone help?

裕子 立花 12裕子 立花 12

I have solved the same issue. Please refer my solution.

The contact is 'Edna Frank'. When I changed Last name = Edna; First Name= Frank; it passed!

Have a try!
Tony BermeoTony Bermeo
The issue is that, and it's not super clear, but when you access your playground and click "contacts" it defaults to "recently viewed" and not all of your contacts. So if you change "recently viewed" to "all contacts" as stated above you'll notice that you do indeed have 2 edna's. The one you just created (because you thought you didnt have one) and the one that came out of the box that was hidden :)
Kameshwari GantiKameshwari Ganti
As tony said, yes there were 2 Edna's when i viewed as " All Contacts" . Simple solution which worked for me was change the "Edna Frank" name for which u didn't enabled " Enable Community USer" n save it. Then try finishing the trailhead