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Kathryn BurnsKathryn Burns 

Complete Trails [on trailhead]

Why is a 0 appearing here

User-added image

2 of these are 100% Completed but it only appears when I open the task list
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Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Trail is a combination of mutliple module that is and you have not completed one single full trail that is why its is showing 0.

For example Admin Beginner that contail all below module
1) https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trail/force_com_admin_beginner

Once you will complete all module with in one trail you will get one count
Kathryn BurnsKathryn Burns
Yes, I've 100% complete mutiple modules for 2 trails (aka the task list I was referencing)

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User-added image

but are listed as in-progress. 
Andrew Scott 4Andrew Scott 4
I have a similar issue, 5 trails that say 100% compete are showing up under Trails in Progress on my profile. It's been like that since the new profiles came out. I thought it might be a temporary bug during the rollout but it's been a week now. I've seen some other intermittent bugs in the same time span so hopefully it'll still get corrected.
Jayanth ThathapudiJayanth Thathapudi
It is taking weeks to update..