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Olanre AwolowoOlanre Awolowo 

hi, i am trying a test and i need some advise completing test. Any Advise? Thanks

The Requirement
As a Sales Rep I would like an email to be sent to my Manager (in this case the user in step 2) whenever
the Amount on Advertising Revenue goes OVER the predefined threshold. Advertising Revenue is made
up of one or more Advertising Slots. The Advertising Revenue Amount is obtained by aggregating the
amounts of all Advertising Slots linked to that Advertising Revenue. I should also be able to add multiple
Advertising Slots (in one transaction) to Salesforce using a simple repeatable process (see CSV provided).
● Use configuration ONLY for the entire exercise, no Triggers, Apex or Visualforce please
● Do NOT use any Salesforce standard objects
Conditions of Satisfaction
1. A new Developer Org is required
a. Your username for this Org should follow this pattern
i. <yourfirstname>.<yourlastname>.<HHDDMMYYYY>@ftadmintest.com
ii. Taking the example above “Gareth Joseph David Macintosh” would be
2. Create a new System Administrator user with the following credentials to be used to review the
test results and make this available to Franco
a. username : <yourfirstname>.<yourlastname>.franco.botti@ftadmintest.com
b. name : Franco Botti
c. email : franco.botti@ft.com
d. profile : System Administrator
3. Threshold = £50,000
4. The email should contain the aggregated amount of all slots and the first and last names of the
Sales Rep
5. Advertising Revenue = “Rolex 2016 Q4”
6. Use the CSV file provided to add Advertising Slots to the “Rolex 2016 Q4” Advertising Revenue
record - do this by using one of the out of the box Salesforce utilities
An email should be sent to the user created in step 2 (i.e. myself) when the threshold is surpassed
Create a new Solution record and add the following to it for review
1. Document the approach you took to implement your solution (in detail for all steps)
2. Describe at a high level a different way to implement this requirement