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Saravjeet SinghSaravjeet Singh 

I get this error while taking the challenges on Trailhead.

Below error I m geting when I hit 'Check challenge'  on Trailhead module.
Please advice.

Shawn KurugantiShawn Kuruganti
Hello Saravjeet,

Are you logged into a company org? Or did you create a new developer edition to use for trailhead?

Saravjeet SinghSaravjeet Singh
Thanks Shawn for the reply.

I logged into a free developer editon org, where I have already completed many such challenges few months back.
But this time I am presented with this error. Please advice.

-Saravjeet Singh
Shawn KurugantiShawn Kuruganti
Hey Saravjeet,

I looked around for a solution on google and this is what I found:
The solution which worked for me,
1. log out  from all the sessions establieshed with developer edition including trail head , forum. developer edition
2.Log in to developer edition first.
3. In Trail head , never clicks on "Log In to developer edition" always click "check challenge" button . If "Check Challenge" is not visible log out from trail head one more time.

Hope this will work for you as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepak Sharma -9618888504

The full forum post can be found here:

Hope this is helpful,