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Steve Berley [Left Propeller]Steve Berley [Left Propeller] 

change set contents vanish on migration

I'm experiencing the strangest change set problem.

I have a change set containing 88 items in my sandbox on CS1

I upload the changeset to prod and...
  1. the change set received in prod only contains one item - that's not even in the original set
  2. the change set in the sandbox now only contains the one unrelated item sent to prod.
  3. if I clone the sent in the sandbox - all 88 items re-appear
  4. If i promote the clone - the cycle starts over again.

What on earth could be going wrong?

Steve Berley [Left Propeller]Steve Berley [Left Propeller]
In case it matters, prod is on NA6
This looks strange still did you cross check ifthe target org is the correct one? i understand you might have cross checked it already.
But this is real strange!