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Lorin Lopes (System Admin)Lorin Lopes (System Admin) 

Appexchange and Trailhead

I signed into Trailhead through my production org.  Once I was required to install an app, I did not want to install it in production, so I installed in a sandbox.  Now challenge won't mark as complete - presumably because I did it in different org?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Yes, you are right.

Please Consider Below points.

Check if you have connected to same DE org where you have done your work in the trailhead.To do this click on" launch your hands on org" and select the DE org or trailhead playground where you have your work and then check challenge.


Go to Trailhead Profile -- settings -- make the DE org which you have worked as default then check the challenge.

The Trailhead released with new updates.Please refer below link how to take challenges in trailhead.


Hope this helps you!

If this helps you, please mark it as solved.

Thanks and Regards

Lorin Lopes (System Admin)Lorin Lopes (System Admin)
Thank you Sandhya,
So I click on "launch your hands on org" which launches my Trailhead playground.   I am not sure what you mean then by "select the DE org or trailhead playground".  I am already in the trailhead playground.

I feel like I need to connect the Trailhead playground with my Sandbox.

Or . . .

Should I be able to launch the AppExchange and download that app right into the Trailhead Playground?  That is what I was trying to do but it forces me to install in production (which I don't want to do) or into a Sanfbox (which I did) . . . but I now I need to connect those two.
Lorin Lopes (System Admin)Lorin Lopes (System Admin)
I have it figured out.  Thanks, you can close this case.
I need help on this, as well. When I go to download from appexchange, it downloads into de, not playground so the work I do, dowes not get checked.

Help, please. :-) 
Sorry for the typo.
Lorin Lopes (System Admin) 10Lorin Lopes (System Admin) 10
Hi Debbie, normally I was signing into production and then going to Trailhead that way.  What you need to do is login with your actual Trailhead username.  Something like lorin.lopes@resourceful-raccoon (mailto:lorin.lopes@resourceful-raccoon).
Don't worry, you won't lose any of your previusly completed work ;-)

Also, when you go to download that app, it will ask you Production or Sandbox.  Choose Production.    It is a "Trailhead Production" environment.

Hope that helps.
Thank you. That is exactly what it was. (Needing to login with trailhead info.)
Amit ChandolaAmit Chandola

Hi Debbie and Lorin, I am having the same problem. I am trying to complete the trailhead superbadge where I need to install the managed app for Trailhead security. However, app is getting installed into DE.org not the TP one even though the TP is checked as for the "launch the hand's on org".

Lorin , you said "Something like lorin.lopes@resourceful-raccoon (mailto:lorin.lopes@resourceful-raccoon)."
How do I find that full username with @ ? posting the capture. I can see the part of username but I want to see the full username with @
The link I am clicking is this:

User-added image

Please help,
Thanks. Mit.