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Daniela RinaldoDaniela Rinaldo 


Hi guys,
In my environmet I have activated the Web-to-Lead function, I created the html form and I tried to insert a new lead.
After I select the “Send” button happens that the form becomes completely white. I have to close this form to correctly display the fields and repeat the insert.
The data inserted into the form are properly stored in Salesforce. 
I had already used the function in the past and I was successful.

This is the code of file html:
<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->
<!--  NOTA: aggiungere il seguente elemento <META> alla pagina <HEAD>.  Se    -->
<!--  necessario, modificare il parametro charset per specificare il set di   -->
<!--  caratteri della pagina HTML.                                            -->
<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->
<!--  NOTA: aggiungere il seguente elemento <FORM> alla pagina.               -->
<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->

<form action="https://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead?encoding=UTF-8" method="POST">

<input type=hidden name="oid" value="00D58000000HP9I">
<input type=hidden name="retURL" value="http://">

<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->
<!--  NOTA: questi campi sono elementi di debug facoltativi. Rimuovere        -->
<!--  l'identificativo di commento da queste righe se si desidera eseguire    -->
<!--  un test in modalità di debug.                                           -->
<!--  <input type="hidden" name="debug" value=1>                              -->
<!--  <input type="hidden" name="debugEmail" value="d.rinaldo@be-tse.it">     -->
<!--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -->

<label for="first_name">Nome</label><input  id="first_name" maxlength="40" name="first_name" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="last_name">Cognome</label><input  id="last_name" maxlength="80" name="last_name" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="email">Email</label><input  id="email" maxlength="80" name="email" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="mobile">Cellulare</label><input  id="mobile" maxlength="40" name="mobile" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="company">Società</label><input  id="company" maxlength="40" name="company" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="city">Città</label><input  id="city" maxlength="40" name="city" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<label for="state">Stato/Provincia</label><input  id="state" maxlength="20" name="state" size="20" type="text" /><br>
<input type="submit" name="submit">

Please, could somebody help me?
Tim BarsottiTim Barsotti

Please adjust your retURL value so the form knows where to go after submitting. 

<input type=hidden name="retURL" value="http://{{INSERT YOUR RETURN URL HERE}}">