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Dev Rana 16Dev Rana 16 

how to send mass email to custom object

 I would like to make a mass email function based on the email addresses of a custom object email field.
How can i send please help me.
Thanks in advance.
vaishali sharmavaishali sharma
Hi Dev, will you please explain your entire functionality .What is the flow exactly .
vijayabakarareddy yarrabothulavijayabakarareddy yarrabothula
I guess mass email through out of the box functionality can only be sent on Contact and Lead object. However we can't send mass email on Custom Object. If the record type is on Contact or Lead then from the view in mass email create a new view filter on this new record type then select all the users and send the mass email. I guess in your case of custom object you need to write an apex class to send mass email. Out of the box functionality might not work in your case. Also you might not want to send mass email on your custom object as 'Email Opt Out' feature will not be easy to implement which is a compliance issue. You can also use exact target, magnet mail or any other 3rd party app.