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Lightning Experience Visualforce Component has extra Padding in Spring '17 and thus making VF pages look awkwardly spaced

When we place a Visualforce component container in Lightning Page, the current release displays them correctly without extra spacing, thus allows a developer to control the look and feel of the Visualforce Page interface.

But in Spring '17 Pre-release org, the Visualforce Component container has extra padding on left/right/top/bottom, with dark gray background color, thus placing the existing Visualforce Pages to look awkwardly spaced out.

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Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi VarunC,

You can use the lightning design system SLDS to design your VF page for resolving this problem. 
For SLDS, please go through with below links


For sharing the VF pages between Classic and Lightning Experience, Please go through the below link


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