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Deepika gp 1Deepika gp 1 

Unable to take the challenge on developer org trailhead.

Hi All,I am having a problem with Trailhead when I try to take the challenge on my developer org.I am getting the following error.

"Our trailbots have problem accessing your hands on Org. please try again anf if  this issue persists refer to this article to fix the problem".

I referred to the article but it did not work for me.
Can anyone help me on this .

Dutta SouravDutta Sourav
Hi Deepika,

Check this:

Try all 3 options. Also try using a different browser or Icognito mode.

Best Regards,
Su Wang 3Su Wang 3
I have the same problem for two weeks now.  All my 500 points challenges have the same error when the "Check challenge" is clicked.  Tried the 3 options suggested in the artical to no avail.  Also tried using IE and Firefox, same error.
Parthibaraaj RParthibaraaj R
I am getting the same error .. if i click on launch it is throwing login credentials error. Can someone help?