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prasanth sfdcprasanth sfdc 

Salesforce with Swagger error at VS code

To connect with swagger for my custom rest api endpoints I am following the below document.  Please let me know if any has clear steps to implement. 

I am following the below link to setup swagger codegen from vs code. 

step 1:- success . runned
"sfdx plugins:install muenzpraeger-sfdx-plugin"  . 

step2:- falied. 
sfdx muenzpraeger:swagger:import -p http://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger.json -d /Users/rwinkelmeyer/Development/testApex"

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prasanth sfdcprasanth sfdc
I got the solutoin for above step. Please some one help me how to make inboud integration from swagger to SFDC. 
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Kindly refer this article :-  https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2018/04/connecting-to-swagger-backed-apis-with-clicks-or-code


Priya Ranjan