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Surender reddy SalukutiSurender reddy Salukuti 

how can i set rec

Hi any one can help me on this requirement 

I am using  <lightning:recordViewForm to show the records i need to show only 3 records in below picture it's showing four recoredes 

i am using  code

 <lightning:recordViewForm density="compact" aura:id="recordHandler" recordId="{!item.Id}" objectApiName="Quote__c">
                            <lightning:outputField fieldName="Quote_Number__c" />
                            <lightning:outputField fieldName="Quote_Status__c" /> 
                            <lightning:outputField fieldName="Total_Quote_Premium__c" /> 

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Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi Surender,

please watch below this video this video will help you to understand recordEdit form and answer of your problem is available
inside this video.

If you find your Solution then mark this as the best answer.

Thank you!
Suraj Tripathi