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sandy hellosandy hello 

Using batch job i have to create child records for the parent object with the help of existing other child object records. How can I achieve this using apex code.

I have to run a batch job to create child records for the parent object with the help of other child object records field information. Say i hav three objects A,B,C. Where A is the parent object and B,C are child objects, where B is already created, now i have to run batch job on parent A and taking the help of field information from child B i have to create other child C object records. Here C holds some other data  other than B.How can i achieve this.
Hi Sandy,

Here the code for above requirement where I have replicated on the Standard Objects Account, Opportunity and Contact as A,B and C as in above use case
please change the code as per ur requirement


public class BatchApexExp1 implements Database.Batchable<sObject> 
    public Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext bc){
        return Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT Id,Name,OwnerId,(SELECT id,AccountId,OwnerId FROM Opportunities)ops,(SELECT id,AccountId FROM Contacts)cns FROM Account WHERE Name = 'BatchAPEX_Acc1']);
    public void Execute(Database.BatchableContext bc, List<Account> lstacc)
        Boolean createCon = False;
        Contact con = new Contact();   // To Create records on Object C 
        For(Account ac : lstacc)
            createcon =False;
            Opportunity op1 =ac.Opportunities;
            if((ac.Opportunities.size()>0) && (ac.Contacts.size()==0))
                If(ac.OwnerId == op1.OwnerId)   // Checking/Using the field from Object B to  create Record for Object C
                    con.LastName = 'xxx_'+ac.Name;  // Give the name as per the requirement
                    con.AccountId = ac.Id;
                    createCon = True;
        if (createCon == True)
            Insert con;
    public void Finish(Database.BatchableContext bc)
// Here Just to implement all the methods of Database.Batchable Interface.
// If needed write as per requirement.


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