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Hi Can anyone please help on a Use case

Hi ,Can any one help on the following use case:
In our company we offer different products. There are products that are charged once (one-time-fee), such as
an onboarding fee for training when introducing our software, and there are monthly recurring revenues
(monthly recurring revenues) for our Software as a Service products.
Our different Software as a Service products have different sizes (S, M, L, XL, Enterprise), which offer different
levels of features within the software.
Each monthly recurring revenues product can only appear once for a customer. Only the size can differ.
So if a customer has "Product A in size M" and then books "Product A in size XL", only size XL will be charged
and size M will disappear from the customer's subscription.
Sellers create quotes for customers where all these products are part of the same quote.
In addition, the monthly recurring revenues and how its trending is one of the key metrics of our business.

Use Case
A salesperson creates a new quote for the customer. On the opportunity, the seller should be able to see the
following things directly:
- The one-time fees from the quote
- The added monthly recurring revenues from all monthly recurring revenues items on the quote
- The lost monthly recurring revenues, when the quote contains items of a product, that customer has already licensed in another
- the total monthly recurring revenues of this Quote that Company X can use for its business KPIs, when Opp will be closed won
This should be calculated and displayed automatically based on the synchronised quote.


The customer Anitha Ltd. has an existing software licence for "Product A in size M" and pays monthly li-
cence fees of 250$ to Company.

As the customer's business is growing, he would like to extend his license and additionally purchase another
software module from Company X: Product B.
A seller creates an opportunity with a synchronised quote. The quote contains the following three items:
- Product A in size XL: monthly 1000$
- Product B in size XL: monthly 500$
- Product XYZ: One-time fee for the introduction of product B: 500$
Four more custom fields should now be available on opportunity level:
- One Time Fee : 500$
- monthly recurring revenues added : 1500$
- monthly recurring revenues reduced : 250$
- monthly recurring revenues total: 1250$

Can anyone please help to present the necessary steps to fulfil the use case under the above scenario.
Thank You.