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Sai Prasad 51Sai Prasad 51 

Formula field Hyperlinks

Need to create a formula feed that should redirect to "Contact" page on clicking the Hyperlink.
Arun Kumar 1141Arun Kumar 1141

Hi Sai Prasad,
You can use the following formula : HYPERLINK('/' & Contact.Id, 'Contact Link')

In place of 'Contact Link' you can use any text that you want to add in the link and Contact.Id is used for which contact you have to redirect.

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SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Sai,
On what object are you creating the hyperlink such that it should be redirected to the contact page?

If there is a lookup relation, you can try the approach mentioned in

If not, try 
HYPERLINK("/" & '0036F00003xApJU', "Click here")

Note: Replace id of the contact (here 0036F00003xApJU) with your contact record

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Eswar Venkat 2Eswar Venkat 2
HYPERLINK("/" & AccountId, "View Account")
Prateek Prasoon 25Prateek Prasoon 25
      To create a formula field that redirects to the "Contact" page in Salesforce, you can use the HYPERLINK function. Here's an example formula you can use:
  HYPERLINK('/003', 'Contact Us') --> add this formula in your formula field .
In this formula, the first parameter '/003' is the URL of the Contact page in Salesforce. You can find the URL by navigating to the Contact page and copying it from your browser's address bar.
The second parameter 'Contact Us' is the text that will be displayed as the hyperlink. You can change this to any text you want.
Once you've created the formula field, add it to the page layout for the object where you want to display the hyperlink. When users click on the hyperlink, they will be redirected to the Contact page.

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Ethan FlakeEthan Flake
Hi, i'm looking to create a formula that generates a link. This link should take people to the "main page ice hockey" ( when they click on it. just like setting up a shortcut that instantly transports them to the main page for ice hockey.