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Patrick LawsonPatrick Lawson 

No Tests to Run: Add test methods to your test class


private class ListViewControllerTest {
    /**This is the list which will be passed to Visualforce Page and in turn passed to Flow from Visualforce**/
    public List<Matching_Facility__c> LstSelectedFacilities { get; set; }

    public ListViewControllerTest(ApexPages.StandardSetController listcontroller) {
        Set<Id> facilitySelectedIds = new Set<Id>();
        LstSelectedFacilities = new List<Matching_Facility__c>();
        for (Matching_Facility__c f : (Matching_Facility__c[])listcontroller.getSelected()) {

        /**Querying on the Selected records and fetching fields which are required in Flow **/
        LstSelectedFacilities = [SELECT Id,  Client_Search__c FROM Matching_Facility__c WHERE Id IN :facilitySelectedIds];

Need code coverage to depoy, but cannot test.
Prateek Prasoon 25Prateek Prasoon 25
Based on the code you provided, it appears that you have defined a test class ListViewControllerTest but you have not defined any test methods in it. In order to achieve code coverage for your deployment, you will need to add test methods to your test class.
Here is an example of a test method you could add to your ListViewControllerTest class to achieve some code coverage:
static void testListViewController() {
    // Create some test data
    List<Matching_Facility__c> facilities = new List<Matching_Facility__c>();
    facilities.add(new Matching_Facility__c(Client_Search__c = 'Test Client Search'));
    insert facilities;
    // Create a standard set controller for the test data
    ApexPages.StandardSetController controller = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(facilities);
    // Instantiate a ListViewControllerTest instance with the standard set controller
    ListViewControllerTest testController = new ListViewControllerTest(controller);
    // Ensure that the LstSelectedFacilities property was populated correctly
    System.assertEquals(facilities[0].Id, testController.LstSelectedFacilities[0].Id);
    System.assertEquals(facilities[0].Client_Search__c, testController.LstSelectedFacilities[0].Client_Search__c);

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SubratSubrat (Salesforce Developers) 
Hello Patrick ,

Based on the code snippet you provided, the ListViewControllerTest class seems to be a constructor with parameters, rather than a test class with test methods.

To add test methods, you can create a separate test class that will create an instance of ListViewControllerTest and test its functionality.

Please try with the below and let me know if you face any difficulties :
private class ListViewControllerTest_Test {
    static void testListViewControllerTest() {
        // Create test data
        Matching_Facility_c facility = new Matching_Facilityc(Client_Search_c = 'Test Client Search');
        insert facility;
        // Create a standard set controller for the Matching_Facility__c object
        ApexPages.StandardSetController controller = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT Id FROM Matching_Facility__c]));
        // Add the facility to the selected records
        controller.setSelected(new List<Matching_Facility__c>{facility});
        // Create an instance of ListViewControllerTest and verify the selected facilities are retrieved correctly
        ListViewControllerTest testController = new ListViewControllerTest(controller);
        System.assertEquals(1, testController.LstSelectedFacilities.size());
        System.assertEquals(facility.Id, testController.LstSelectedFacilities[0].Id);
        System.assertEquals(facility.Client_Search_c, testController.LstSelectedFacilities[0].Client_Search_c);

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Thank you.