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Kendra BroomKendra Broom 

How to access nested JSON in HTTP flow callout?

I've used the new HTTP callout action in Flow with an External Credential and I have access to the first layer of returned JSON, but I only see blank values for the nested array values. In the debug, I see that the array values are being returned, and I can see the Apex-Defined variable in a collection, but I am only seeing blank values in Flow. 
datver talwerdatver talwer
When accessing nested JSON in an HTTP flow callout, you typically follow a hierarchical approach by accessing each level of the JSON structure one step at a time. Let's take the example of accessing the "pickleball kitchen rules" within a nested JSON. First, you would start by accessing the main object or array containing the JSON data. From there, you would identify the appropriate key or index to access the next level of the JSON structure. This process continues until you reach the desired nested value, in this case, pickleball kitchen rules ( By traversing through the JSON hierarchy systematically, you can extract the necessary information and use it in your HTTP flow callout or any other operations as required.
Kendra BroomKendra Broom
Thank you Datver, I love the pickleball kitchen rules. My question is about how to access the second layer in flow. The array is being returned as an Apex-Defined collection, but when I iterate over that collection, I'm unable to extract any data. 
alcantara sonprofitalcantara sonprofit
When accessing nested JSON in an HTTP flow callout, you'll need to navigate through the nested structure using dot notation or square brackets. For example, if you're working with a Delaware LLC, you might receive a JSON response from an API call containing details about the company's members, address, and financials. To access a specific piece of information like the primary member's name, you'd use something like response.members[0].name in your code. This allows you to extract and utilize the relevant data from the nested JSON structure. Properly accessing and handling nested JSON is crucial for effectively utilizing the information in your application, just as choosing the right Delaware LLC ( formation is essential for structuring your business with legal protections and favorable tax implications, giving you peace of mind and a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial endeavors.
suttlean tonuccisonsuttlean tonuccison
To access nested JSON in an HTTP flow callout, you can utilize a combination of parsing techniques. After making the HTTP request, retrieve the response body containing the JSON. Then, use your programming language's JSON parsing methods to navigate through the nested structure and extract the desired data. For instance, in Python, you can use the json module to load the JSON response and access nested elements using keys and indexes. To incorporate Threads Videos Downloader (, integrate it as a module within your codebase. This versatile tool allows you to efficiently download videos from various online platforms. You can provide the video URLs obtained from the parsed JSON to the downloader's functionality, enabling seamless capturing and storage of videos according to your preferences.
ayesha javedayesha javed
To access nested JSON in an HTTP flow callout, you need to parse the response, similar to how you navigate through nested categories and content on the Pikashow APK ( to find the shows you want to watch.