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External user access - Portal Role Hierarchy not working


I have setup a community for B2B partner users, and a custom object which has lookup to Contact & Account. The sharing set is enabled and provided to provide access to custom object records and the community is enabled with super user access and has only one role(as per SF recommendation to have lesser roles if possible). 

For example, I have a scenario where Account A is enabled as partner. It has 3 contacts Person A, B & C. All 3 users are partner users, User A has super user access. 

There are 5 records R1 to R5, all records are owned by internal users but shared to external users via sharing set. R1 is shared with Person A. R2,R3 is shared with Person B. R4, R5 shared with Person C. The users are able to see these records.

My issue here is, Since R1 is assigned with super user access he should be able to view records his peers(Person B&C) can see. However, he is unable to see it. 

Please advise what I am missing here.