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David FekkeDavid Fekke 

Getting OAuth 1800 error on Android

We have been getting an OAuth 1800 error for the past week or so in our Android app. We are using the Salesforce Mobile SDK to manage our OAuth login flow.

This error comes after the user has tapped on the 'Allow' button on the 'RemoteAccessAuthorizationPage.apexp' page. After the user taps the button, the form makes a post to the 'AuthorizationPage', but instead of completing the login, we are seeing the following;

It appears that we are getting a 302 redirecting us to the following URL;


and then we get sent to the '/setup/secur/RemoteAccessErrorPage.apexp?oauth_error_code=1800', which presents us with an Error Code 1800.

This did not start occurring until Wednesday last week at 9:00 PM EST. This would have been around March 9th or 10th.
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

Check this official article.

If still need help please reach salesforce support.
David FekkeDavid Fekke

Thanks for the article, but unfortunately, that did not work.
Drew MacdonaldDrew Macdonald
We have the same issue on our Mobile applications for both Android and IoS.
The workaround is to reload the App when you get the error - for Android hit the 3 dot menu and click Reload, for IoS hit the Settings Cog and re-choose your Production or Sandbox connection - this reloads the App in IoS.