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Girish Reddy 52Girish Reddy 52 

If I have 100 users under one profile and I want to restrict 10 users to access one field what should we do ?

This process I want to continue for new added users, so is there any method for this be automated or Should I indivdually keep changing the permissions for each users ?
Yogendra JangidYogendra Jangid
Hi Girish,
You can consider 
  1. Separate out the profile for those users who you don't want to show the field. OR
  2. Remove the FLS of that field from profile and create a Permission Set with Field FLS and assign to those users who you want to show the field.
I will recommend for option 2.
Please let me know if this helps and if so please can you mark this as best answer. Thanks
AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Girish ,

You can achieve that via Permission set, but when we use permission set we can only extend permission given through profile we can't restrict permission that is already given on profile level .

So In your case you can create a profile  with minimum permission that is to be given to every user(in you case to all 100 user). And for all remaining that is for 90 users you can extend the permission of access one field via Permission Sets.

Hope above answer helps.Please mark it as best answer to help others with similar issues.

Girish Reddy 52Girish Reddy 52
Hello. I understood your answers but that would be a lenghty process isn't it ? that to provide permision sets to 90 users. Like consider this example
I have 100 users , single profile , I want to hide 4 fields for 10 users then in that case what can we do. I want to do these changes on the same profile itself. Is there any easy methods to do this ? I found on internet that we can give mass Permission set using Data Loader. Can I apply the same in this situation ?
AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Girish ,

I dont think that will possible only using Profile.
Actually this whole concept Profile and Permission set work mostly with real time scenario like:

Suppose we have a Sales Team : so we create a SalesTeamProfile and assign that profile to all the team member but their manager want extra access so we create a permission set to give him the extra permission.

But when we have two set of bulk number of user to have different permission than in ideal situation we create a diffrent profile for both set of users.