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How to Split Heavy Outlook PST File With Full Accuracy?

For splitting Outlook PST file into multiple PST files users can use a recommended solution MailsDaddy PST Split Tool. This is the best tool for dividing the large PST file into multiple small Outlook PST files. With this utility, users can also segment the heavy PST file by Size, Folder, Emails, and Date. The software supports the PST file of all Outlook versions. This software works on Unicode and ANSI PST files. You can use the free demo version of this software and always find the best result as your wish.

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Ignissta PST splitter is a software tool designed to split large PST files into smaller, manageable parts. The primary benefit of using a PST splitter is to overcome the limitations of the size of PST files. Large PST files can slow down Outlook, increase the risk of data corruption, and make it difficult to manage, archive, and backup emails, contacts, and other data. By splitting the PST file, the user can easily manage the smaller parts, reducing the risk of data loss and improving the performance of Outlook. Additionally, the smaller parts can be backed up individually, making it easier to recover lost data. Furthermore, the PST splitter can also help in reducing the size of the PST file for archiving purposes, making it easier to store and access the data in the future. In short, PST splitter provides a range of benefits, including improved performance, reduced risk of data loss, and easier data management and archiving.
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DRS PST Splitter offers to split Outlook PST files into multiple small files without any file corruption. It can divide multiple PST files at once based on size, sender, folder, etc. Also, removes duplicate emails and completes 100% accurate migration. It works on all versions of windows including 11 with a simple and attractive user interface. A free trial version with completely advanced features is also available to analyze its features. 
Know more - https://www.data-recovery-solutions.com/pst-file-splitter.php
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With the Split PST Tool, you can split a heavy Outlook PST file with full accuracy. The most well-liked and reliable instrument employed by pros this utility allows you to split up a PST file by size, folder, and year. Even while transferring huge Outlook data files, the integrity of the data is maintained. It easily splits different items in Outlook, such as email, contacts, messages, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. A huge PST file can easily be broken into numerous smaller sections using this tool. All versions of Microsoft Outlook are supported.

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