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Pop ups not working on Mobile Publisher

I am fairly new to SF as a whole, in partilcuar Mobile Publisher. 

I have built a some fairly simple pure CSS/HTML popups, which work fine on desktop and mobile browser. However, they do not work in the Mobile Publisher application. They either open in a new page, or dont open at all. Does anyone know why this might be? 

I appreciate it is difficult to deubg without seeing source code, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI ,
Is it a login page? If so, there is a limitation that "Mobile Publisher currently doesn't support login page URLs that popup in a separate window."

reymundo schadenreymundo schaden
what about now? Has it been solved yet?
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Jose CookJose Cook
I am also having the same problem. Thanks for sharing thiis info.

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