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Nikhil Singhal 22Nikhil Singhal 22 

split a SOQL query

Hi Everyone,

problem statement: 
I am passing a SOQL query through a textArea of my Visualforce page. I want my controller to split the query and get a list of the queried coloums:

For ex. : InputQuery : 'Select Id, Name, Rating from Account' or 
'Select Id,Name,Rating from Account'(without space in fields)

Output result : List<String>= ['id', 'Name','Rating'];

I tried with InputQuery.split(' ') method but unable to get desired result. Please help me with this.
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Abdul KhatriAbdul Khatri
Hi Nikhil

Please try this 
String InputQuery = 'Select Id, Name, Rating from Account';
String fields = InputQuery.substringAfter('Select ').substringBefore(' from');
List<String> fieldList = fields.split(',');

I hope this helps