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sundar s 24sundar s 24 

workflow not set

Manager forcast is picklist field
stage is picklist field
if recordtypeid  is 0120g000000YTs1 or 012700000001YJj and manager forcast is omitted and if stage is other than 0.0 Engage then i want manager forcast is upsert.
the below code in workflow is not working

(( RecordTypeId == '0120g000000YTs1' ) || (RecordTypeId == '012700000001YJj' )) && (ISPICKVAL( Manager_Forecast__c , 'Omitted')) && ( Not (ISPICKVAL( StageName , '0.0 Engage')))
ShivankurShivankur (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sundar,

Try returning true or false using If statement in your formula like below based on which the action of updating the records may happen. 
    OR((RecordTypeId == '0120g000000YTs1'),(RecordTypeId == '012700000001YJj' )) 
    (ISPICKVAL( Manager_Forecast__c , 'Omitted'))
    ( Not (ISPICKVAL(TEXT( StageName , '0.0 Engage'0))))
     ,true, false
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