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Iago SilvaIago Silva 

Salesforce DX deployment issues

Hello everyone

I'm trying to push my development to a scratch org but I'm facing some issues:

User-added image

The objects 'CustomerCreditData__c' and 'OpportunitySegment__c' have master-detail fields to Account and Opportunity objects, respectively, and these fields already exist in the scratch org.

Also, I've enabled 'Einsten Lead Scoring' in the scratch org but I have no access to the component when I try to create a Lightning Page to the Lead object (third error in the print).

And I don't know what means the last two errors too.

Someone can help me?
Thanks in advance.
nidhusha rachamadugunidhusha rachamadugu
To avoid getting this error, add the master-detail field (even if it has not been changed) to your deployment and the error will not occur anymore. The custom fields of that custom object should be added as well to the changeset.

Please use the below article for reference