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Creating a Flow to Update Custom Object Using Account Contact Relationship

I have a Service Appointment object with a custom look-up field to the account object Contractor__c

The Contractor Account record uses the Account Contact Relationship to relate contacts.

I need to create a flow that starts with the service appointment object.

Looks at the related contact from the contractor lookup field
Pick a contact with the role "accountholder", and assign that contact to a custom field Contractor_Contact__c on the service appointment. But how would I go about that in a Flow or process builder/flow to find the correct contact? I can build flows and processes but I never used the Account Contact Relationship object before in a flow or process builder workflow?   
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Bob,

To find the correct contact, try to get contacts records associated with account where the contactrole is "accountholder".

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Priya Ranjan