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Somasundaram SubramanianSomasundaram Subramanian 

how to retrive field details

is there any way to get an automated way about  the field details of the object and where these fields are used ? 
Arun Kumar 1141Arun Kumar 1141

Yes, you can use Salesforce's metadata API to retrieve information about the fields of an object, including their data type, length, default value, and more.
One way to do this is to use a metadata API tool such as the Salesforce CLI, Workbench, or the Metadata API Developer Console. These tools provide a user interface or command-line interface that allows you to interact with the metadata API and retrieve information about your org's metadata, including fields.
To retrieve field details, you can use the "describe" call of the metadata API, which returns metadata information for a specific object or field. Here is an example of how to retrieve information for all fields of the Lead object using the Salesforce CLI:

sfdx force:mdapi:describemetadata -m CustomObject -n Lead -u MyOrgAlias -w 10

This command will retrieve metadata information for all custom fields on the Lead object and display it in the console. You can modify the command to retrieve information for a specific field by adding the "-a" flag followed by the API name of the field, like this:

sfdx force:mdapi:describemetadata -m CustomField -n Lead.MyCustomField__c -u MyOrgAlias -w 10

To find out where a specific field is used in your org, you can use the "where is this used" functionality in the Salesforce Setup menu. This feature allows you to search for references to a field in your org's metadata, such as custom reports, dashboards, validation rules, and more. To use this feature, navigate to the field detail page in Setup, click on the "Where is this used?" button, and follow the prompts to search for references.

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Somasundaram SubramanianSomasundaram Subramanian
Arun My object has 900+ fields and any easy way to find where these fields are used? checking each and every field manually is paining
Prateek Prasoon 25Prateek Prasoon 25
// Specify the object API name
String objectApiName = 'Account';
// Retrieve the metadata for the object
DescribeSObjectResult objectMetadata = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(objectApiName).getDescribe();
// Retrieve the list of fields for the object
List<Schema.FieldSetMember> fieldSetMembers = objectMetadata.fieldSets.getMap().get('My_Field_Set').getFields();
// Output the field details
for(Schema.FieldSetMember fieldSetMember : fieldSetMembers) {
    DescribeFieldResult fieldMetadata = fieldSetMember.getFieldPath().getDescribe();
    System.debug('Field Label: ' + fieldMetadata.getLabel());
    System.debug('Field Type: ' + fieldMetadata.getType());
    System.debug('Field Length: ' + fieldMetadata.getLength());
    System.debug('Is Field Required: ' + fieldMetadata.isRequired());
    System.debug('Is Field Unique: ' + fieldMetadata.isUnique());

In this code, we use the Schema.getGlobalDescribe() method to retrieve the metadata for all objects in the org, and then use the get() and getDescribe() methods to retrieve the metadata for a specific object.
We then retrieve the list of fields for the object using the getFields() method on the object's field set. In this example, we're using a field set called My_Field_Set, but you can replace that with the API name of any field set defined for the object.
Finally, we output the details for each field in the field set using a for loop, similar to the previous example. Again, you can modify the code to suit your specific needs.

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