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K RoyK Roy 

Formula Field in Process Builder!

Hello Team,

I need a formula in a process builder which should break a given text into various parts and hence display me the result.
E.G: i am supplying the string as "GB;IT;"
I need the result only as GB.

Thanks in Advance.
Navin Selvaraj23Navin Selvaraj23
Hi Rahul,
Having a Query on your requirement. 
1. Do you need the text value before the symbol right, else you need only specfied number of charecters from character one.
2. Why dont you go for trigger to achieve this functionality? Do we need to do this only in Process builder. 

PFB the Process Builder Formula and Screen shot.

Formula: Instead of Account Description you can insert your own field.
TRIM(LEFT([Account].Description , FIND(";", [Account].Description)-1))
PFB the screenshot:
User-added image

User-added image

Please Mark it as the best answer if it helps else comment below.

Navin S
K RoyK Roy
Hello Navin, 

I am explaining my requirment in details.

i have got two fields in my account, namely, Address Line and Postal Code.
now, i have created a custom settings, which contains custom field for the Address Line and Postal Code, the type is Text Area. 
In the text area i am entering the country codes, for which the values are available.(Not all countries have both the values available)

Now with the help of the process builder, what i wanted to do is, check the custom settings and find if the country code of the "current user" is present in the text area of the custom settings and then display accordingly as a formula by concatenating in a text field.

Please let me know, if i was able to explain my requirment.