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Joseph PescatelloJoseph Pescatello 

Apex Debugger Questions


I have a couple of questions about the Apex Debugger. Thanks in-advance to anyone who has answers!

1) The debugger to VS Code only works with scratch orgs, so to use the debugger in a sandbox (not a scratch org), we have to use Force.com and Eclipse, is that right?
2) Force.com is being end-of-lifed as of October 19th of this year. So the debugger for non-scratch org sandboxes will also be dead at that time.
3) The SF doc says that a 'single session' of the debugger is available for orgs with SF Unlimited edition. Does that mean a single developer can use the debugger without incurring any expense? 
4) Is that single session available to all SF devs in a sandbox, and only one can use it at a time, or is it dedicated to a single developer?

Thanks again,
  Joe P.