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roni shoreroni shore 

Filed value not getting updated

Scenario: when a lead is created, then 2 sibling leads are created, now we convert one of the sibling lead and we get a realted contact. 
problem -So, can i fetch a field values of a converted lead and then populate it in another sibling lead

m trying with below code, isnt helping..please suggest

 public static void updateRelContactAfter(list<Contact> lstNewContact)  {
             set<String> setEmail = new set<String>();
             map<String,Contact> mapLead = new map<String,Contact>();
             for(Contact c:lstNewContact){
             Id salesRTID = RecordTypeManager.getRecordTypeId('Lead.Sales_Marketing');
             List<Lead> leadList = [SELECT Id,RelatedContact__c,Email,RecordTypeId FROM Lead 
                                     WHERE Email IN:setEmail AND RecordTypeId =:salesRTID AND IsConverted != True];
             system.debug('LeadList===>'+ leadList);                        
             list<lead> leadUpdateList = new list<lead>();                        
             for(Lead l:leadList){
                 lead lnew = new lead();
                 lnew.Related_existing_Contact__c = mapLead.get(;
                 system.debug('checkpnt===>'+ lnew.Related_existing_Contact__c);
             if(leadUpdateList != null){
                 update leadUpdateList;
roni shoreroni shore
checkpnt===>'debug gives the ID, but in system it show deleted, 
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you print other debug logs and see what is ther error is showing and can you share the debug logs
roni shoreroni shore
Just figured out contactid is coming wrong in debugs, thats y its showing data not available in sytem But this is wierd, how come id or a record will come different
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
 You need to use __r.Id  .. please close this thread