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Aarti Ragoonath 9Aarti Ragoonath 9 

How to add levels of dependent picklist values in a screenflow

I am trying to add more than 3 levels of picklists in a screenflow the screenflow is limited to 3, i tried to pass value from the third picklist to a new screenflow with another dependent picklist component but this does not work. 

Picklist 1 has values A, B, C, D 
Picklist 2 has values E, F,G, H, I
PIcklist 3 has values J,K,L,M
PIcklist 4 has values N, O, P Q
PIcklist 5has values R, S, T

For picklist 1
If A is chosen  show values E, F
If B is chosen show G, H

For picklist 2 
If E is chosen show values J, K 

For picklist 3 
If J is chosen show value N, P

For picklist 4  (screenflow does not allow to have this 4th picklist)
If P is chosen show R, T

Let's say for picklist 3 i chose P, i want to continue this picklist sequence to see the other values R and T, but since the screen flow only allows 3 picklistsi tried to save this value that was chosen and pass it to a new screen component to continue the picklist sequence.

How can i do this?
John MunzJohn Munz
Aarti, did you ever find a workaround for this? I am looking to solve the same issue.
Ashley RandallAshley Randall
Any solution on this. I am also facing the same issue. I need 4 levels instead of just 3 on my dependent picklist in flow. 
Tanner McDanielTanner McDaniel
I'm also needing to use 5 picklists, but it seems the max is 3.
I'll be trying to find the solution in the coming days, I'll respond if I discover anything. 
Gary WGary W
I would also love a solution that supports more levels of picklist dependency. I need to use 4.
Lahari TrailheadLahari Trailhead
Any workaround on this ?