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Jos Vervoorn 2Jos Vervoorn 2 

Streaming API with replayID which is older than 24h

We are trying to implement a solution which uses the Streaming API, but we are running into a problem in which if we try to start the subscription from a replayID which is older than 24h it won’t work.

Currently, we are using jsforce (Node.JS) SDK and if you log the message exchange between server and client we get the error that the provided replayId is invalid and that we should use -2 or -1, the thing is that this error does not throw an exception or notifies the handler in any way.

So from your perspective how should we tackle this problem? From our side we could only work on forking the client project, then we could do these modifications and later make a PR, but it would be much better if something would be done from the server side such as supporting replayIDs older than 24H of age.

Thanks in advance.