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John MunzJohn Munz 

2 Live Chat Buttons Interaction on Site

Hi All!

I've got a Live Agent question:

We have a use case where we want to have chats started from a couple pages on our site to route to a different team, while the majority of chats on the site goes to the general chat queue. This part we were able to achieve with deploying a different chat button on those pages which routes to that other team. On that front, everything works well.

The issue we're finding though is some of our customers are moving from page-to-page while in a chat. If they go from a page where we have this secondary chat button deployed to one with the primary chat button, we lose connection with that customer.

I guess the question is: is there any way that we can maintain the chat when users navigate to a primary chat page? Maybe some way to deploy the secondary chat on a primary page so that it's hidden, but will allow customers coming from a secondary chat page to maintain their current chat?
Milos MacuraMilos Macura

Hello, I know this question was asked long ago but I am having an identical use case (and problem).

Did you figure out how to hide/show a chat button? To me it looks like all chat buttons, no matter how many you have, will have the same CSS selectors, so identifying one vs the other is impossible. I hope I am wrong.