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Tim Johnson-ReynoldsTim Johnson-Reynolds 

Calling an external configurator from CPQ

We have a manufacturer who has built an external configurator. I have found the following documentation on this subject:

This documentation seems very limited. There is no mention of what is sent in the JSON string to the extneral configuration tool and the format it needs to be returned in. How do you utilise that JSON string that is returned to make appropriate product option selections, etc.

Does anyone have any more information or some examples?

I am fairly new to development on Salesforce (currently some clases and triggers) I have also put together a quote calculator plugin successfully and have some development background in other languages just to make clear my experience level. 

Thanks in advance. 
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Akshay Bagrecha 7Akshay Bagrecha 7
Hi @Tim 
This video helps you:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MVFqoUzZhs

Thanks in advance. 

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Akshay Bagrecha 7Akshay Bagrecha 7
Hi @Tim 
This video helps you:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MVFqoUzZhs

Thanks in advance. 
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Tim Johnson-ReynoldsTim Johnson-Reynolds
Hi Akshay. I have only initially skimmed through the video but it does look like what I have been trying to find. Thanks so much for highlighting"
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In Salesforce CPQ, you can call an external configurator by integrating it with Salesforce using web services, such as SOAP or REST API. An external configurator is an application that provides additional configuration options beyond what is available in Salesforce CPQ.
To call an external configurator from Salesforce CPQ, you can create a custom button or link on the Quote object that invokes an Apex class or a Visualforce page. The Apex class or Visualforce page can make a callout to the external configurator's API and pass the required parameters, such as product specifications, pricing, and customer data.
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